National capital chemical industry

Date:2020-03-16 Views:25

Sinochem is a joint venture established by Sinochem of South Korea and adico of Japan in 2002. Since its establishment, Sinochem has been committed to producing high-quality epoxy resin, curing agent and polyether polyol products, and providing high-quality services to meet the needs of customers.

Our efforts and products have been recognized and demanded by customers from various fields in domestic and foreign markets.

In order to meet the market demand, we continue to invest in the company's core assets to maximize the efficiency of cost investment and minimize the inconvenience to customers. We are fully aware of the challenges of the future and will be ready to provide you with a full range of solutions for the present and the future.

Our mission is to invest our talents and efforts to provide our customers with competitive quality products and maximize customer satisfaction.

We will continue to strive to maintain the excellent performance of our products and provide innovative solutions to our customers, suppliers, employees and the whole society.