Technology Manager

Job description

1. Responsible for organizing and coordinating all kinds of important meetings and activities reception;

2. Be responsible for the daily administration of the company's assets, office supplies, contract licenses and archives;

3. Be responsible for formulating, supervising and implementing enterprise management rules and regulations, performance appraisal system and work flow, etc;

4. Responsible for human resource allocation, salary, performance, training, social security payment, resignation and other personnel daily work;

5. Be responsible for the arrangement of Party construction activities;

6. Complete other temporary work assigned by leaders.

Job requirements

1. Women under 38 years old, married and having children is preferred;

2. College degree or above, more than two years related working experience;

3. Familiar with word, Excel, PPT and other daily office software operation;

4. Good communication ability and team work ability, active, practical and organized;

5. A motor vehicle driver's license is preferred.

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