Qingdao Zhengda Haier

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Qingdao Zhengda Haier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a new pharmaceutical enterprise jointly established by Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group and Haier Group in 2008. The predecessor of Haier Group is Qingdao Haier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which was established in 1997 under the guidance of international development strategy and in accordance with China's national conditions.

Zhengda Haier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the only national pilot test base for marine drugs in China, an advanced development enterprise in Shandong Province, a key high-tech enterprise in Qingdao, and Qingdao Chemical Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology Research Center. The company's products involve more than 60 varieties and more than 80 specifications in various fields such as osteoporosis, renal osteopathy, digestive system, diabetes, cardio cerebrovascular, nutrition and health care. The company has established a set of market-oriented business layout from product research and development, production to marketing network. There are more than 5000 sales terminals and sales network covering the whole country.

Gaisanchun (calcitriol capsule), a national new drug independently developed by the company to treat osteoporosis and renal osteopathy, is an exclusive product in China. Through the identification of national scientific and technological achievements, this product has filled the domestic gap and reached the world advanced level. In 2004, it won the first prize of Shandong light industry science and technology progress. Guided by the strategy of "being professional, strong and big", the company has established a professional and standardized marketing team, changed the traditional marketing mode, and adopted the academic marketing, service marketing and cultural marketing of "expert positioning, academic promotion", and "intensive cultivation" to continuously improve the market coverage rate. At present, gaisanchun has become the first choice of drugs for osteoporosis and renal osteopathy, and has the first market share in the field of ossifying alcohol in China.

Zhengda Haier Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has three of the five influential marine drugs in China and is the leading enterprise in the research, development and production of marine drugs in China. Through long-term cooperation with ocean institutes such as Ocean University of China, the company has embarked on a development path of combining production, learning and research, which has led to the rapid development of marine drugs. At present, the state has included "marine economy" in its national strategy. Qingdao is the leader of the blue economic zone of Shandong Peninsula and the location of the key national blue economic zone. Mr. Wang Minggang, general manager of the company was awarded "blue economic figure of China (Qingdao) marine Festival" in 2012. In the future, Zhengda Haier pharmaceutical will vigorously develop the R & D of marine drugs and the secondary development of old products, and build an "ocean health" industrial chain in accordance with the national blue economy.

Qingdao Zhengda Haier pharmaceutical regards the big health industry as the main line and core of the company's development, builds the health industry chain, develops medicine, health care and medical devices together, and continuously improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The company will adhere to Haier's "innovation" core values, target, uphold the culture and philosophy of Zhengda enterprise, draw on the advantages of the two brands, and become a practitioner of the health industry.