No. 718 Institute of CSIC

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The 718 Research Institute is subordinate to China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. which is one of the world's top 500 companies. It was founded in 1966 and headquartered in Handan City, Hebei Province. It is a national scientific research unit integrating scientific research and development, design and production, and technical services of military and civil industries. There are nearly 2000 employees in the Institute, including more than 870 scientific and technological personnel, 30 enjoying the special post of the national government, 84 researchers, 390 senior engineers, 35 masters supervisors, and more than 420 scientific and technological personnel with doctor's and master's degrees.

Since its establishment, More than 500 kinds of advanced and reliable equipment and products have been provided to users. China shipbuilding industry chemical substances testing center and China Shipbuilding Industry Chemical Metrology Testing and verification station have been set up successively. Postdoctoral scientific research workstation and master's training points of ship and marine structure design and manufacturing, applied chemistry, environmental engineering and other majors have been established. High energy chemical engineering and electrolytic water hydrogen production are available , gas purification, analysis and detection and other modern laboratories, and equipped with gas chromatography / mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry, energy spectrometer, X-ray diffractometer, atomic emission spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer and other large-scale scientific research and test equipment 580 sets.

It holds the environmental impact assessment certificate issued by the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China and the design / manufacturing license for civil nuclear safety electrical equipment issued by the national nuclear safety administration. It has the qualification of pressure vessel design and manufacturing, and has passed the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification. It is the Handan new material industry base of the national torch plan, the new material innovation base of the national science and technology trade promotion and the new national model The backbone enterprise of industrial military civilian integration industrial demonstration base.

The 718 Institute has continuously strengthened technological innovation and vigorously developed high-tech industries. The Institute has won more than 260 science and technology progress awards at the provincial and ministerial level, including 2 first prizes for national science and technology progress and nearly 300 authorized patents. According to the development requirements of civil military integration, we have vigorously developed high-tech industries, and formed eight industrial directions, including electronic special gas materials, fine chemicals, air purification, hydrogen energy industry, nuclear power equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, security information engineering and special equipment.

Facing the future, under the guidance of CSSC group's strategy of building an innovative global leading enterprise based on the army, integrating the army and the people, leading the technology and integrating industry and finance, and with the responsibility of leading the industry development and striving to be a leader, CSSC is brave to take on responsibilities and aspires to surpass, accelerate technological innovation, organizational innovation, model innovation and system and mechanism innovation, and accelerate the construction of relevant production capacity The company has established a high-tech enterprise group with high degree of military civilian integration, strong ability of continuous innovation and high quality of industrial development.